The Young Creation Prize is our flagship program aimed at the young generation of audiovisual creators who are dedicated to the fight against climate change.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the different generations in the audiovisual sector, to create a link between the energy of young, committed creators and the experience of more established professionals who have been working in the industry for many years.

The Young Creative Awards will award a trophy to the best film according to the following criteria: the originality of the production, the technical quality (image, editing and sound) and the effectiveness of the message to encourage the public to take concrete action on environmental issues.

Our future is at stake! Submit your film project on the theme "Our future", which deals with climate protection and environmental awareness.
The winner of the Young Creation Prize will thus benefit from great international visibility among leading audiovisual professionals from around the world, including winners of the Deauville Green Prize competitions, broadcasters, journalists, producers, directors, environmental experts and the general public.

Last year we received - through our film submission platform FilmFreeWay - more than 500 applications from all over the world.
This is a record participation for this third edition of the competition. During the first edition in 2020, we only received 50 applications, even if they were of high quality.
We expect around 800 applications this year, in 2023, and much better visibility of the competition and the awards ceremony within our networks and those of our media partners.

Selection of films: the stages
After long deliberations, the jury elected 3 finalists from the official selection of 100 films by the festival team.
The jury announced the winner during the awards ceremony which took place during the two days of the festival in Deauville, as part of the live conference "New visions for tomorrow".
In addition to the public , the live event generated more than 5,000 views thanks to the involvement of our media partners.
The winning film, which aroused rich and rare emotion, benefited from good visibility and media coverage.

The 2023 Jury

Adélaïde Genuyt
Adélaïde GenuytJournaliste et réalisatrice
Gab Meija
Gab Meija Photographe et auteur sur l'environnement
Johanna Spinosi
Johanna SpinosiProductrice et éco-gestionnaire pour les productions TheGreenShot
Agnes Tiberghien
Agnes TiberghienProductrice de contenu, Friday Film
Smith Nwokocha
Smith NwokochaActiviste social et environnemental
Jose Rexach
Jose RexachFondateur Humeco / CM-Journaliste pour Blast
Arthur Gosset
Arthur GossetRéalisateur (Ruptures, 2021)
Hadi Rassi
Hadi RassiActeur de cinéma et de théâtre, musicien
Vinz Kante
Vinz KanteFondateur, producteur et créateur de contenu et journaliste pour la plateforme médiatique "LIMIT"
Axel Lattuada
Axel LattuadaRéalisateur / Scénariste / Acteur
Jean-Paul Deniaud
Jean-Paul DeniaudFondateur du magazine Pioche !
Paul Miane
Paul MianeCinéaste et réalisateur

The 2023 winner

Winner film

La bride (The dog's leash)

Director: Nicolas Piret

The bell tower rings and the birds fly away.

In the countryside on the outskirts of a small village, a dog tied to a very long rope, watches them disappear in the horizon.
It’s time for him to go;
Prance across fields;
How far will his rope allow him to go ?

Nicolas Piret : Director, Writer, Composer
Vincent Gilot : Producer (Atelier de production La Cambre)

Country of Origin : Belgium

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The 2023 finalists

Cuando nos dimos cuenta (When we finally understood) De Javi Navarro


from Victor Cartas.

Pepedrilo and his peculiar connection with nature are embodied by the care and protection of a crocodile sanctuary, whose stability is put in danger day by day by the threat of men

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Entangled - Kaja Grujic


from Kaja Grujic.

A hypnotic dance film exploring how we can radically change our relationship with nature.

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Statement Nia Mahran


from Nia Mahran.

Statement is a one minute frame by frame animation short film. The film is made to be a voice for planet earth to make humans have a visual taste to what’s happening and where we stand.

Media and network partners

In 2023, for the call for films and the broadcast of the live conference "New ways of seeing tomorrow" (debate sequence, jury speeches and prize-giving ceremony), we worked with our network partners and the mainstream media.