I will keep my eyes open

Competition : SPOT competition
Category : Human rights and diversity
Country : Belgium
Agency : ICF Next
Sponsor : EC Commission - DG JUST
Producer : AMOK
Director : Frieke Janssen
Lenght : 00:00:45
Trophée argent


Victims of violence often feel isolated and powerless - many don’t know what to do, don’t know where to go and don’t know what to claim. Many are also reluctant to report it and are ashamed or afraid of being misunderstood. In fact, often victims of violence don’t know their rights. As a result, they withdraw into themselves and keep silent.
The videos highlight the strong promise that is at the center of our campaign: I will keep my eyes open to see the victims and their distress, to support them and help them use their rights. ​

Videos are centered around the following crimes:​

Violence against children ​
LGBTIQ phobia ​
Gender-related violence ​