USLP Microfilms

Competition : SPOT competition
Category : Organisations and social responsibility
Sponsor : Plastic Pictures
Producer : Plastic Pictures
Director : James
Lenght : 00:02:37
Trophée Or


We worked with Unilever toruthlessly select the critical information required to compress all the key messages and footage into a series of eight ?Vine' style videos.  In addition, we incorporated an innovative new ?Spritz' reading technique to deliver a focused reading experience. Spritz reading allows the viewer to comprehend rapid delivery of text on screen.  By c


The objective was to create a series of high impact videos to communicate Unilever's sustainability report results, allowing the audience to view the content faster, with less effort and less time, across any device or screen size.  The aim was to leave the audience informed and inspired. The only stipulation was that the videos must be below 30 seconds in duration.