Food Waste

Competition : INFO competition
Category : Conscious consumption and eco-labels
Country : GERMANY
Producer : simpleshow gmbh
Director : Ilya Kompasov
Lenght : 00:03:24
Trophée Or


Moving out from the parent's home and living alone for the first time is not that easy. You often buy too many groceries and find old food in the back corner of the fridge. Now you have to throw it all away ? what a waste.  Food waste has major effects on the environment, economy and is one of the main causes of world hunger. simpleshow foundation explains how you can help to fight this problem ? with just a few simple tricks.


simpleshow foundation is a charitable organization is dedicated to explain all kinds of topics that move the world -- in a simple way.  We found that one big problem of the modern society is food waste. The food waste issue has major effects not only on our environment, but also the economy and even on people's lives. With this simpleshow we would like to raise the awareness for the problem itself and show different simple ways everyone can apply in their daily routine to help reducing food waste. Only stating the facts does not fight the problem.  However, our goal is  to spread to the word how easy it actually is to take part in creating a better world in which every human being could live a good life without hunger.