Planet Soil

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Agriculture et ressources durables : terres, mers, forêts
Pays : The Netherlands
Commanditaire : National Postcode Lottery, IUCN NL, TAUW, Ecostyle
Producteur : Ignas van Schaick
Réalisateur : Mark Verkerk
Durée : 01:22:31
Trophée argent


Discover the fascinating world beneath our feet in Planet Soil. The film sheds light on the unseen soil life and inspires awe while providing insights into the soil. Beneath the world above ground, which is mainly populated by humans, plants, insects, and birds, lies a second world: an underground community of roots, larvae, worms, fungi, bacteria, amoebas, and arthropods.

While the existence of this world may not be surprising, the fact that all life in this microcosm communicates with each other is truly astonishing. In one teaspoon of healthy soil, there are more living creatures than there are people on Earth. "Planet Soil" shows what needs to happen on a large scale to change our relationship with nature and our soil. It highlights the importance of the soil and the fascinating world beneath our feet, and demonstrates why we must learn to handle our soil more wisely.