Soldiers of the French Foreign Legion

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Organisations et responsabilité sociale
Pays : Poland
Commanditaire : TVN Warner Bros. Discovery
Producteur : TVN Warner Bros. Discovery
Réalisateur : Anna Kowalska, Endy Gęsina-Torres
Durée : 00:54:31
Trophée argent


The French Foreign Legion used to be known as the smallest army in the world, an asylum for criminals and deserters. The legionnaires were said to be "mercenaries" in the service of France.

Today, this prestigious unit attracts recruits from all over the world. Some will spend there their whole lives, others will quickly abandon, tired of backbreaking training and unbearable discipline.

Almost 9,000 soldiers from 140 nationalities serve the Foreign Legion. Away from their country of origin, family, and friends. Most of them used to lead normal lives before joining the army. Very few have the courage to talk in front of a camera, but we managed to convince them to do so. Let’s check who are those who risk their lives in the name of another nation.