En terre ferme - Emmanuel Faber

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Organisations et responsabilité sociale
Pays : France
Commanditaire : Ushuaïa TV
Producteur : Phare Ouest Productions
Réalisateur : Marina Boyenval
Durée : 00:51:42
Trophée argent


"En Terre Firme" is a nature program embodied by Fanny Agostini in which a prestigious guest involved in the protection of the environment presents his vision of the environment and reports on possible solutions for living a better world. For two days, they share a daily life to the rhythm of nature. Reports, experts and immersions... to address the issues and bring concrete ideas from the field.
In this episode, Emmanuel Faber, the very discreet committed boss, ex-president of Danone, makes us discover his real commitments for a more sustainable and social production.