The Last Stand

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Agriculture et ressources durables : terres, mers, forêts
Pays : United States
Agence : ECOFLIX
Commanditaire : Peter von Puttkamer
Producteur : David Casselman and Peter von Puttkamer
Réalisateur : Peter von Puttkamer
Durée : 00:53:00
Trophée argent

THE LAST STAND is about saving the world's last remaining ancient forests.  Using the flashpoint of  British Columbia's "Battle for the Trees" at FAIRY CREEK- the documentary examines the importance of keeping intact forest ecosystems: here in North America, the Amazon and around the world.  Experts like Wade Davis and Leila Salazar-Lopez speak about the impact  trees/plants have on our atmosphere, including carbon sequestration and providing Oxygen for us to breathe.  Incorporating unique-access footage at the front-lines of Fairy Creek protests, to block Logging of the last 3% of BC's old growth, the film does not pull punches...and we hear the impassioned words of front-line forest defenders, as well as global forestry experts.  The film reveals the complexity of issues facing the world:  the need to protect habitat, while balancing economies & jobs while also recognizing the rights of First Nations' people controlling resources in their territories.  Finally, The Last Stand for Trees looks at solutions...both from cutting edge Silicon Valley companies  building carbon-retaining technology, to things average citizens can do, to help save jungles/forests and  the Planet.