Pitch sessions #Film4Change


Calling all filmmakers and audiovisual students! This year, the festival is shining a spotlight on your new ideas for socially and environmentally engaged film projects. 


The festival is a unique opportunity that brings together change-makers and audiovisual creators: directors, producers and agencies. In 2023, the focus will be on connecting people in the industry and honouring the creative process that unites them, through pitch sessions, new formats, and more. Using the power of visual communication to inspire widespread action!


In order to support creation and storytelling around major environmental issues, and inspired by our partners Ushuaia TV, but also Magali Payen from the #OnEstPrêt collective as well as Cyril Dion's "Resist and Create" forum in Cannes, the festival’s 2023 professional programme will once again be offering pitch sessions in collaboration with our friends at La Fabrique du Récit and the Atmosphères festival and several broadcasters.



The idea is simple, you are no doubt familiar with it already: directors and students preselected by the festival will speak successively for a few minutes in front of a professional panel of broadcasters, sponsors or producers, to pitch their film project and receive valuable advice and feedback, or even more if they have the right idea. 


Several wonderful stories have started on these #Film4Change pitch sessions, which have been organised by the festival for the last 4 years. For example, the first pitch session in 2018 led to Ushuaïa TV's commitment to the film "Watt the fish", which is committed to fighting against electric fishing with Claire Nouvian's association Bloom. The film was broadcasted in early July 2019 and was even awarded a Special Prize at the digital edition of the Deauville Green Awards in 2020. Or the project "Paris, Ville Nature" which was pitched in Deauville in 2021 by Jérémy Gentais and which Ushuaïa TV has pre-bought from Seppia for broadcast in 2022.


If you have a project that you would like to pitch, please send us an email before the 12th of May with a one-page maximum document specifying: 

> Your full name and a short bio 

> Technical details indicating the title of the film, the duration of the project, the technical requirements and the proposed shooting locations.

> Budget, possible financing and partners (production, distribution etc.)

> Script and/or a detailed synopsis

> As well as any other visual elements, photos, storyboard sequences or teasers.


Good luck to everyone!




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