"Living in 2050" - Focus of the 9th edition roundtables

Faced with the multiplication of climatic events and the erosion of living things (world populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles have fallen by more than half since 1970, for example), "Living in 2050" will be the central topic of the three 2020 expert round tables with Jean Jouzel, 2007 Nobel Prize winner with the IPCC, as Chairman of the festival's Scientific Committee.

These three 2020 highlights will be dedicated to the major challenges of the 21st century and the concrete solutions to be adopted.

The central theme of the debates will be treated in a transversal  way, through the 3 foundations of sustainable development: the environment, the social and the economic.

These topics have been detailed by the Scientific and Ethical Committee of the festival, chaired by Jean Jouzel, climatologist, Nobel Prize winner 2007 with the IPCC, and including Annabelle Jaeger, vice-president of the environment section of the Economic and Social Council, Bernard Emsellem, president of the Forum Vies Mobiles, Christian de Perthuis, climate economist and Akila Nedjar-Guerre, lecturer in communication sciences, leading the master "CSR and environment".

Numerous other events will enrich this programme: screenings for schools and the general public, debates, workshops, awareness-raising actions, etc.