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The audio-visual sector emits around 1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere every year, of which around one quarter is directly linked to film shoots, according to an industry survey conducted in 2011. To take greater account of environmental aspects in film production, six players from this sector (AUDIENS, the Paris region Film Commission, the CNC national cinema centre, France Télévisions, the PACA region of south-eastern France and TF1 with the support of ADEME, the French environment and energy management agency) set up the Ecoprod group as part of a new approach.


The tools developed are made available to users free of charge through the website Resources available include an Eco-Production Guide, fact sheets (including one on scenery), input from committed professionals, and feedback. The group has also drafted an environmental charter for audio-visual service providers, with more than sixty of whom have already signed.


A carbon calculator, specific to film production, can be easily used to assess the greenhouse gas emissions linked to a production project by consulting the estimate and the filming schedule. Making a carbon assessment of film production makes it possible to identify the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions and to prioritise a corrective action plan.


Ecoprod is working with other European and US players to bring eco-production into widespread use. In particular it has joined Film4Climate, a World Bank initiative as part of the Connect4Climate programme, by signing a joint declaration at the COP21 conference in November 2015.




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