Campagne Préférence Globale - spot environnement

Compétition : Compétition SPOT
Catégorie : La transition énergétique
Pays : France
Commanditaire : Macif
Producteur : The Good Company
Réalisateur : Hadi Hassan-Helou
Durée : 00:30:00
Trophée argent

A year after the launch of the new brand territory and after asserting who it was (mutualist insurance), Macif says what it is doing. Challenge of the 2nd communication component “Global Preference”: mark your difference to create preference. No actor, no screenplay, no script... But "real" members, sincere and unfiltered words on Macif's commitment to sustainable development and CSR. Filmed in Rognes, in Provence, this campaign also illustrates the strong territorial roots of Macif as close as possible to its members.

Concrete, embodied and specific messages, they highlight the human and the action of Macif and thus reinforce the position of Macif as a financial player committed to the energy transition in its socially responsible investment activities.