Heimat ist... op'n Dörp - Diahren (Home is... village life - Diahren) (Refuge c'est... la vie champêtre - Diahren)

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Agriculture et ressources durables : terres, mers, forêts
Agence : Pieper & Partner
Commanditaire : NDR Fernsehen
Producteur : doc.station GmbH
Réalisateur : Vivien Pieper/ Johannes Bünger
Durée : 01:28:37
Trophée argent




Without the new neighbors, Diahren would be a ghost town. Kai Wiegreffe knows that. The farmer's family cultivates the land around Diahren since ten generations. But they live in different worlds.   The film explores the question why Diahren is a village where people who are tired of living in the city, like striking their roots and how they fund their alternative life in the province. It also shows that people don't need to understand each other to like one another, and that village-life is mainly one thing: social.