Between Sky and Earth, Battle for the Wetlands

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Préservation de la biodiversité
Pays : SPAIN
Producteur : LASTOR MEDIA
Réalisateur : David Fernández de Castro & Tono Folguera
Durée : 00:59:46
Trophée argent
Le prix spécial Cézame Music Agency : Meilleure musique


In 1976, the bulldozers came through to start work on


Between Heaven and Earth is not just another nature documentary. It is a retrospective look at a transitional time period, and the construction of a country: Catalonia. The documentary paints a historical portrait of the sociological and environmental landscape and the inhabitants of this beautiful place. We see the park today, its nature and wildlife, interviews and archived images from the beginnings of democracy. It discusses subjects as diverse as urban planning and tourism development in the developmentalism, the emergence of ecological awareness, social mobilization, and strengthening regional institutions.