Polar Bear Summer

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Lutte et adaptation au changement climatique
Commanditaire : Marco Polo Film AG
Producteur : Marco Polo Film AG
Réalisateur : Klaus Scheurich
Durée : 00:52:07
Trophée argent


Polar bears are the monarchs of the Arctic. They are adapted to life on ice and snow. Yet there is one place where they are marooned on land for several months every summer. How do they survive in an environment that is foreign to them? In a warming world, can their fate here give us hope for the species in general?


Polar bears are the undisputed monarchs of the Arctic wilderness. Their domain is the sea ice, a forbidding, hostile environment, seemingly devoid of life. Yet polar bears thrive out on the frozen ocean. They hunt here for marine mammals that surface to breath or haul out to rest. In fact, some bears may never set foot on land in their entire lives.