Unsung Heroes of Science

Compétition : Compétition INFO
Catégorie : Innovations et sauts technologiques
Pays : Netherlands
Commanditaire : Royal DSM
Producteur : 1Camera
Réalisateur : Jasper Claus
Durée : 00:04:32
Trophée Or


?This is not about research. It's about the lives


DSM's research showed that many people are skeptical about the role and impact of science and often see science being there for its own sake, with little use for society and making profits out of registered patents. With our film we wanted to humanise science and bring an ode to those passionate but unknown scientists out there that develop innovations that change the world for the better. With the wider campaign Science Can Change The World, DSM wanted to invite the general public, the science community, governments, NGO's, customers and peers to join the conversation about the vital role of science in solving society's challenges, like malnutrition, climate change and disease.