Nexans Living History

Compétition : Compétition INFO
Catégorie : La transition énergétique
Pays : France
Agence : Perles d’Histoire
Commanditaire : Groupe Nexans
Producteur : Karus Films
Réalisateur : Philibert BACOT
Durée : 00:16:09
Trophée Or


Over a century of experience, Nexans is proud of its over 120 years of history. 120 years of innovation, flagship projects and international growth.
120 years of destiny that we owe to two remarkable personalities: François Borel, genius inventor, and Edouard Berthoud, brilliant industrialist.
With over a century of experience, Nexans has never stopped building the future of electricity and will continue for the years to come.
These are the beginnings of this adventure that we propose to discover today.