SATOYAMA Niigata: Living with Snow

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Préservation de la biodiversité
Pays : Japan
Commanditaire : NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Producteur : KIKUCHI Tetsunori
Réalisateur : IDA Akihiko
Durée : 00:52:00
Trophée Or


Nature is rich in blessings but can also be harmful to human life.
People across Japan have been resilient, learning their lessons and passing them on for generations. Their countless efforts to cope with the harsh environment eventually created a world of bounty — a world that’s sustained by a delicate balance between diverse plants and creatures. Satoyama is a living history of humans, animals and the natural environment that have survived together for centuries. This 8K documentary series captures the supreme beauty of the Japanese countryside — a place where meltwater from heavy snow is used to nurture colorful carp, and where lush grasslands have been created on volcanic ash. And it shows how people can rediscover traditional, sustainable agriculture and benefit from the unique satoyama ecosystem.