Holy Shit - Can Poop Save The World?

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Production durable, économie circulaire, déchets, pollution
Pays : Germany
Commanditaire : WDR
Producteur : Thurnfilm
Réalisateur : Rubén Abruña
Durée : 01:26:00
Trophée Or


When sewers were built in the 19th century, we abolished the millennia-old tradition of using our excrement as fertilizer, and broke the nutrient cycle of grow-eat-excrete-compost-to grow food again. We discard our excrement as waste, while agriculture uses more mineral fertilizers to produce food which require fossil fuels to be extracted or are non-renewable and whose global reserves are uncertain. Rubén Abruña follows the poop trail and asks why these systems were built.Thereby he seeks for regenerative options. 

“Holy Shit” shows in a playful way that an open discussion about our excrement, shit, poop, caca, feces, or whatever we call it, is overdue, because only if you talk about it, you can find solutions. In his quest Rubén Abruña encounters people who give him answers on how to deal with the challenges of global food security, environmental protection, hygiene and climate change.