Date a destination: Greenland as six personalities.

Compétition : Compétition INFO
Catégorie : Eco-tourisme et voyages responsables
Pays : Greenland
Agence : Visit Greenland
Commanditaire : Visit Greenland
Producteur : Visit Greenland
Réalisateur : Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen
Durée : 00:05:09
Trophée argent

It’s regularly said that Greenland is harsh and cold, with a frozen heart made of ice. That if she was a woman, her glacial exterior might make you dismiss her as a stunning Ice Queen. Or if he was a man, he’d be brash and out-of-your-league. Anyway, no matter the gender - some people might make a snap judgement, and think - Greenland is only ice - and Greenland is not for me. We’d like to challenge this notion. We’re aware that Greenland is not for everyone. But we know that if you give Greenland a chance, you might discover the many layers of the country that has been mesmerising for travellers who have dared to visit before. Because Greenland is also green, fresh, bold, full of smiles and humour. To help you get a sense of what we mean, we turned Greenland into 6 different personalities so you could understand the many sides of its character.
Objectives and target group Showcase different parts of Greenland to the tourism industry but also the broad tourism audience. Everyone talks about Greenland, but few really know what the country is all about. It is not just a big chunk of melting ice, it is also a vibrant destination worth loving and preserving.