Regenerate Ojai

Compétition : Compétition DOCU
Catégorie : Production durable, économie circulaire, déchets, pollution
Pays : USA
Producteur : Big Picture Ranch
Réalisateur : Rebecca Tickell and Josh Tickell
Durée : 00:29:48
Trophée argent

Regenerate Ojai exposes shocking truths about pesticide exposure in Ojai, a small Southern California town located in the agricultural county of Ventura, California. The film shows that in Ventura County over 5.7 million pounds of toxic “Danger and Warning Label” pesticides are sprayed each year. These pesticides are sprayed next to residences and schools as well as near other public areas and pose a significant public health risk. People interviewed in the film recount their experiences after exposure from pesticide drift in Ojai and Ventura. Data from the University of California system shows significant correlations between these pesticides and animal and human epidemiological issues. The film calls for a public pesticide notification system via text, for farmers to investigate switching to Organic growing methods, and for schools to use their buying power to buy directly from local and organic and regenerative farmers thus safeguarding the health of students, teachers and staff.