Die Energiewende in der Gebäudetechnik

Compétition : Compétition INFO
Catégorie : La transition énergétique
Agence : Hochschule Luzern ? Marketing & Kommunikation
Producteur : Voltafilm GmbH
Réalisateur : Stephan Heiniger
Durée : 00:03:54
Trophée argent


Buildings in Switzerland consume almost a third of all the energy. The future Building Engineers from Lucerne University of applied Sciences & Arts are facing a huge challenge: to accomplish the energy turnaround policy they nee


The film ? produced for Lucerne University of applied Sciences & Arts ? aims at a young audience. People who want to study Building Technology not only out of interest in the matter but out of interest in nothing less than help change the world and build a better future. Becuase this future lies in the hands of the next generation of Building Engineers.