Crafted by Humans, Formed by Nature – Niula Boats

Competition : INFO competition
Category : Sustainable production and circular economy
Country : Austria
Agency : Agentur Werbereich
Sponsor : Niula Boats
Producer : Max Leithner Films
Director : Max Leithner
Lenght : 00:02:20
Trophée argent


The film captures the essence of the vision behind Niula Boats and conveys the experience of piloting a Niula boat. The opening scene depicts the concept of Niula Boats being formed by nature. At the shore of a lake, a designer draws inspiration from the surrounding environment and sketches a boat. The sketch seamlessly transitions into the manufacturing process at the boatyard. Impressions of precise handiwork show the passion and love for detail that are invested in the crafting process. As the film gains momentum, we see the boat gracefully cruising on a lake. Images of the boat gliding through water and birds flying alongside it lead to a climax, where classical music and powerful images combine to evoke positive emotions and create the desire to be on a Niula boat. The film ends with the final touch of the manufacturing process – the placement of the Niula emblem on the boat's bow