Stor-H revolutionise mobility with hydrogen cartridges

In December 2015, during the COP21 Solutions at the Grand Palais, a journalist was riding a white scooter which apparently was a banal scene. Yet this scooter incorporates a revolutionary technology which was invisible at first. Free of gasoline, the two wheeled vehicle only working with powdered hydrogen cartridges placed under the seat containing metal alloys. A visionary process that can take full advantage of the energy storage of hydrogen, looming as one of the probable essential components of tomorrow's mobility.

The Stor-H technology and its green cartridge powered by hydrogen will be invited to the Deauville Green Awards on the 27th and 28th of June.


Homecoming project: the click of Chinese cities

Cartridges and "ecosystems" accompanying them were developed by the team of Aaqius, a Swiss company of twenty people including R&D which is located in Paris. Stéphane Aver (President), Jean-Baptiste Dementhon (Vice-President Technology & Platforms) and Michael Levy (Vice-President Research & Innovation) are three old hands of Asia. Having witnessed the impotency to the discoloration of the Beijing sky, changing from orange to brown in ten years largely due to the pollution of two wheeled petrol vehicles, they decided to act. The ban of two wheeled petrol vehicles by the Chinese state changed nothing - the machines have been replaced by electric scooters with lead batteries which are news sources of massive pollution and poisoning - they are planning to use their specialist expertise of eco-innovations in development in an attempt to find a practical solution together to address this problem. This thus opens the adventure of Stor-H, which has not finished talking to the rest of the world!


Four reasons to opt for hydrogen

At the stage of "realisation" of a revolutionary technology, one of the challenges is to convince not only experts in the field but also - and especially - the general public of the real value of opting for such a change of use. Hydrogen, both in its use and its composition presents a great alternative to gasoline, to build green and sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

The first advantage includes the aspect of security, which is one of the major concerns of future users. Hydrogen - originally stored at high pressures - is now stored within powder, eliminating any risk of explosion.

Second advantage; ease of use. The cartridges - that fit in a purse - can be purchased, rented and transported immediately without loading times. They are then recharged using an electrolyser, the size of a small printer, which can be installed in a small supermarket, a hall, a kitchen etc.

Last but not least, it is important to mention the inevitable appreciation of such an environmental technology: Stor-H cans are used to store electricity from renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, etc.), thus avoiding resorting to polluting batteries which waste quickly, are impossible to recycle and are unable to properly contain electricity.


A low-tech process with ease

The most interesting thing of this process: its simplicity. Apart from the design of the matrix, from the result of extensive research, the process is as easy to use economically. It is not by chance that it first conquered emerging countries, a first achievement in Asia, and that's just the beginning. The COP21 Solutions presentation had a resounding media impact around the world, even in the news in Sao Paulo. Brazil is a country that shows strong interest in this technology in order to store and reinject the excess electricity generated by its giant dams in transport.